VOX POP: Youth Employment and Education

Do you think the Liberal government will do enough to help youth employment and education in the next three years?

Mehreen Faruqi, Greens Senator for NSW, says: “Sadly, I’m not very hopeful that the Liberal/National Government will do anything to help youth unemployment and education in their next term of Government. They refuse to lift Newstart, refuse to reverse budget cuts to universities and refuse to rebuild a public TAFE system which has been the backbone of training and employment in so many communities. This government’s youth unemployment scheme, Youth Jobs PaTH, is a ridiculous program that is failing job seekers.

We need a radical overhaul in how we think about education and employment. Especially as technology rapidly advances in an era of automation and artificial intelligence we will need to re-skill and re-train many times over. The Greens want to see free university and TAFE to give young people the skills they need for life and work, without incurring crushing debts.

Young people are looking for jobs that benefit society and the environment. Investing in transforming to 100% renewable energy tackles climate change and creates thousands of long term sustainable jobs.”

Mehreen Faruqi

Hannah Smith, Queensland University of Technology, says: “Prioritising independent and Catholic education over public education isn’t helping those who need it most. They’re also doing nothing to work towards free TAFE, and university like the Greens are. That’s what will help address unemployment.”

Hannah Smith

Adrian Wildhaber, St Marys Senior High School, says: “The liberal party has legitimately had zero effective policies that affect the working class. What makes you think that they will do enough to help and improve youth employment and education within the next three years? They’re not here to cater to the working class or the poor people they’re there to provide and represent the rich people; they want to get richer, they don’t care about us.”

Adrian Wildhaber

Michelle Rowland, Member for Greenway, says: “Education is an important priority for the nation and an investment in our future. Unfortunately, the Morrison Government has not prioritised education. Instead, they have cut funding to schools and higher education.

As the Federal Member for Greenway, I’ve always strived to ensure that every child in every school gets the best start in life. Labor is committed to properly investing in life-long learning, from preschool, primary school and high school, through to university and TAFE.”

Michelle Rowland

Christian Dela Cruz Conol, Western Sydney University, says: “It has been proven that the Liberal Government’s education spending is higher than it ever was It has continuously grown and doesn’t show signs of stopping. The other side unfairly characterises that we are defunding the education sector. That is an antecedent to what the government is wanting to achieve – a good economy. Also, on unemployment New South Wales, which is a Liberal state has had the best economy and lowest rates of unemployment in Australia. We are the leading economy in Australia, and that doesn’t just come from one sector, it comes from sound economic management and funding things that need to be funded.”

Christian Dela Cruz Conol

The Department of Education and Training provided the following response on the 18th of June – tertiary students will appreciate the grammatical errors and the incorrect date, which is about a month off.

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