Come Back to Me

I yearn for your touch, to see you again,
Knowing you can break my unbroken heart.
I feel dazed and alone when you’re not here,
Even though our flame still sparks when apart.

I convince myself you won’t forget me,
When you’re far away, and I’m out of mind.
Sounding foolish when I blurt out your name,
Going crazy from each feeling I find.

I see too much, but you see right through me,
My reflection has never been so clear.
Screams for help echo in my empty mind,
Unsure if you treasure what I hold dear.

I long for the pain and endless torture,
Of irresistible and piercing desire.
For you to hold me in your arms again,
In twilights of dew beside the fire.

I can’t sleep without thinking about you,
Overlooking times I’m allowed to cry.
You’re so far away but just out of reach,
Come back to me – before I say goodbye.

Published: Medium

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