Look Closely

You guessed my favourite colour.
But between you and me,
I never really had one.

But I said you were right,
And you smiled in childlike affection.
And I never saw it the same way again.

It’s in everything, I live in its essence.
It’s the forest and the autumnal leaves,
The soil in summer after it rains.

It’s sunlight shining through your whiskey,
The docility of my saccharine chocolate,
And the bitterness of your black coffee.

It’s my Nan’s old copper penny,
And your Dad’s broken barn door.
It’s the path where we first met.

It’s in your deep sienna eyes,
Abysmal depths of dark auburn.
A shiver of golden light.

Photo by Hannah Domsic on Unsplash

Published: Medium & The Diary Files – ABC Radio Sydney & The State Library of NSW

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