Dear Mother

tears shed from your blood red eyes
make me scream, make me shout
you yelled and hit and wept and sobbed
you were innocent and hard done by
at least I don’t gamble with peoples lives
you called me a liar, a two-faced bitch
not bad for a girl without a voice
but what about all those sorry years
where you shamed and despised me
told me to get over it – stop overreacting
please, tell me again to jump off a cliff
jealous I could achieve more with less
frustrated I didn’t ask for your help
tried to protect me by hiding me away
excluding my friends and hopes and dreams
all because you never got yours
I wasn’t ever really your daughter
you even questioned it once
told as a child, I’d one day look like you
a curse I hoped would never come true
you never cared, you never did
the moral delinquency on your behalf
I’m not responsible for why you’re alone
that you caused a broken family
I never told you what I went through
bleeding, sores, scars and cries
a compendium of psychiatric diagnoses
my issues merely a fly on the wall
watching you roam across the room
wondering when you’d realise
I was important too

Photo by Chaozzy Lin on Unsplash

Published: Medium

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