Running Out of Time

Lately, I’ve been feeling like
My life is about to end
When I cross the road
Or step out of the shower
I feel like I’ll slip and fall.
Anxious of every inanimate object.
It’s not that I’m afraid of dying.
But waking up and
Not remembering who I am
Everything I’ve done and want to do
That’s not written down.
All the things I didn’t get to say
When words clench at my throat
Wanting to say more but
Waiting for the right moment
But every breath brings me closer,
to the idea of waking up paralysed.
Merely a corpse without a voice
An emotionless doll surrounded
By talking toys that can move
In more ways than I am allowed.
What if those I love dearly
Stare into my eyes, my soul
And discover there’s nothing left
Besides a life of unfinished dreams

Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

Published: Medium

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