Losing Heart

I imagine if I ever died,
That I would be trapped in heaven
A white sash of silk tied around my head
To prevent me from seeing love and hope
Sometimes you’d visit the golden beaches
You’d be dreaming, but I would never see you
Just feel your presence along the shore,
And I’d cry after you return home and some more
Cause I’m not sure how much longer
I can wait for you, in a world where time never stops,
Where damp rocks observe the never-ending tide
Always evening, always sunset;
Where all I can do is think about the past,
I fear if you make it, we’ll still never see each other,
To be able to hold each other tightly
But I also fear the day you stop loving me
Will be the day I lose myself to the sea.

Photo by Maureen Sobrino on Unsplash

Published: Medium

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