W’SUP Inspired Edition Spring 2021

After finishing up the latest W’SUP print edition with my fantastic team, I resigned as Director of Student Publications to return to my beloved world of student politics in July. I continue to write articles for W’SUP, but the Inspired Edition will forever hold a special place in my heart. As the largest print edition since 2015, I’m very proud of my editor team; Haque, Tileah, Katelyn, Dania and Shayma. And a special shoutout to members of my writing club Modern Ink, who submitted short stories and poetry for our creative writing section of the magazine.

W’SUP’s ‘Inspired Edition’ allows students to discover and explore personal journeys and celebrate the return to campus since COVID-19. Everyone has a story to tell, and if you want to share yours as a student, W’SUP is your platform. The main themes of this edition are Social Issues, Art, Mental Health & Creative Writing. Too often, as students, there’s a strong focus on academic success, and so we want to show you ways to get involved on campus, stories to inspire you to be a future leader, poems to make you feel, words to make you sing.

Some highlights of the Inspired Edition are below, which is now available on campus!

Published: W’SUP News

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